Halloween story

The halloween is near, so yesterday I read a terror story. It was very interesting.

The name of the history was: “The prohibited chat”

It says that, one day, a girl was in her room, with the computer, chatting with a friend.

The girl says to her “I’m a seer…”. The girl doesen’t believe her. She tell her to prove it…

Then, the girl says to her: “Do you like that book?” “What!?” said the girl, don’t knowing what she spoke. “The book that is in your table… Let me see… ” And then,  she tell the name of the book.

Alice, the girl, was frightened… It was true!

She ask how she did that, and she say ” Is something that you have sice you born…””Oh, my god…” say Alice. “Alice” say the seer. “What??!” she was terrified. ” I… I see something in you room… I see… Oh, Alice… I think that something is in your room…”

Alice don’t beleve her…. It can’t be real!

But then, she became aware of somebody touching her arm. Something cold was touching her arm…

“Nonononononononoono!” she said.”Something is touching my arm!!” Sha was very scared.

“You have to be relaxed, Alice” say the seer.

The phone rings,  and he runs to grab it, thinking that was her mum…

In the screens put ” Unknown”

“Yes?” Ask. “Your friend will die now. say goodbye, Alice”

She runs to her room, and write to her friend “Hello??? Are you there??? Please, answer me !! I’m very scared!” But the girl doesen’t answer…

Yes, I really like this history. If you want to read it, find it on: HERE

Atencion! Is in spanish…

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